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Raj Kumar vs . Mahroof & Ors. on 6 August, 2018

Raj Kumar vs . Mahroof & Ors. on 6 August, 2018

   MACT No. 357191/16 (Old Suit No. 302/2014)                                                                                 Page No. 3    of  33       
                                                    Raj Kumar vs. Mahroof & ors.

(i) It was alleged that offending truck was being
driven by respondent no.1 and it was registered in the name of
respondent no.2 whereas same was insured with respondent

3. Claim suit was contested by respondent no.3
by filing its written statement wherein it was admitted that the
offending vehicle was duly insured with the company, but took
the plea that since the truck was being driven without valid
driving licence, insurance company is not liable to pay any

Source: IK

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