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All General Studies Paper 2 Notes (Topic wise covered) Download for UPSC IAS mains


Want to Attempt Prelims 2019? Not sure how to kick-start your preparation?
The secret of qualifying in objective paper with negative marking is to practice as much multiple choice questions in time bound manner so that in actual exam you are able to take up the most difficult question and solve it using your past knowledge, quick decision making, and calm rational mind.UPSC is famous for throwing surprises. Some year paper is full of current affairs while in some year they go for application based questions. And while in examination hall the paper appears tough, when we analyze the paper, later on, we find that the questions were not that tough if only we have the same calm and rational mind in the examination hall.
The only solution is to get ready for the surprise. Here is your chance to streamline your preparation and get ahead. We have structured the test series in small modular topic wise tests and subject wise test. So that you read a topic, a subject and take the test. An added benefit of solving mock tests is that the need for multiple revisions gets reduced. If you read something and solve questions based on that your mind works on multiple levels. You recall your past knowledge, apply your reasoning, logically try to deduce the answer. Such exercise solidifies your memory. Next time when you will revise it will take much less time and will not be like re-reading the topic which usually happens with us.

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