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5 ways to help new employees settle in

A new job can be challenging for most people, but organisations can make it easier for new employees to settle in if they have the right kind of onboarding processes in place. Detailed briefings, assignment of a buddy and regular sessions with the manager can go a long way in smoothing the transition. Brinda Sarkar finds out how organisations can make the initial few days for new employees stress-free.1. Smooth the Onboarding ProcessMake sure your onboarding process familiarises new employees with the overall goals and vision of the company. “Welcome new hires with a joining kit, and make sure the formal orientation contains detailed briefings about the company, HR policies and benefits, culture, work ethics and other essential topics. This will ease their joining process,” says Fiona, HR head at Oppo Mobiles India.2. Use the Human TouchWhile technology can be helpful in automating the onboarding process, remember not to lose sight of the fundamental human touch. “Managers must be available to help new hires familiarise themselves with the workplace, and induction buddies can be helpful in learning about the culture of the organisation,” says Rohit Kumar, director of human resources, Kellogg India.3. Leaders Are KeyIt is vital for new employees to develop a sense of belonging, and organisations must task their leaders with nurturing this feeling. “Senior leaders must spend time with new joinees and set expectations for the future. Managers must also make introductions within the team, provide opportunities for socialisation and spend time coaching new hires,” says Fiona. Leaders must show empathy towards employees and help them feel part of the team in order to achieve larger organisational goals, says Kumar.4. Use GamificationOften, gamification can be useful in making a process that is otherwise quite humdrum more interesting. “Organisations can make policies and compliances familiar to the employee through various online games and quizzes, thus making them more interesting and solving the company’s purpose,” says Prakash Rao, founding member, PeopleStrong.5. Take Feedback AfterwardsBe sure to conduct a feedback survey regarding the employees’ experience with the training and induction, and various processes that were performed during the onboarding, says Rao. This is imperative for organisations as it can help identify gaps in the process which can thereafter be fixed accordingly.

Source: ET

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